Leveraging Market Stats Webinar with Miami Realtors

Miami Realtors has a phenomenal webinar series that is hosted by our VP of Communications, Chris Umpierre, and a different Miami Realtors Leader every month. I had the honor of co-hosting the webinar for the third time! We went over the most recent available market statistics and dissected what was happening in our South Florida Real Estate Market. As a real estate broker who helps people buy, sell and invest in Miami real estate, it is important to marry my experience in the marketplace with the overall sales data for our specific market in order to have full understanding and context on the market in order to properly advise our clients and customers. When it comes to real estate, ignorance is NOT bliss. The more we know, the more we are able to make knowledgeable and strategic decisions in our businesses and protect our customers while transacting. I pride myself in always being a student of the industry and I encourage my fellow real estate professionals to do the same. It is how we remain knowledgeable, sharp and informative resulting in providing quality service and always being of value to our clients and customers.

If you missed the live webinar, you can watch the recording here in this blog post. Whether you are a buyer, seller, looking to invest, a real estate professional, or someone just curious as to what is happening in the South Florida real estate market, you will find massive value in this webinar. Here are some key takeaways you will receive:

  • What’s the latest on rising mortgage rates and how are they impacting the market?
  • What’s the latest on the intense demand and lack of supply?
  • What’s happening in the luxury sector?
  • What factors are fueling demand and how will they affect future market activity?
  • How does market performance vary by price point, area, and other factors?

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